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Comedy. Requires 6 males, 5 females and a flexible ensemble with a minimum of 4-6 actors and a maximum limited only by the size of your stage. Runs approximately 75-80 minutes and uses a variety of suggested settings. Well suited to a wide variety of groups, ranging from middle schools and high schools to colleges and community or professional theatres. It plays equally well with adults or teens in the roles. While the play is a parody of Disney's High School Musical, it also stands alone, and it's not necessary for an audience to have seen the Disney show to enjoy it.

"...the audience need not be young, or familiar with the Disney show, to get laughs out of this spoof."
--The Advertiser-Tribune (Tiffin, OH)

"Our group LOVED performing and rehearsing HSnM! The play allows for so many opportunities to let your actors really dive into the parts and make them uniquely their own!  The writing is very striking, quite clever and very funny.  It's our opinion that rehearsals are just as fun (and sometimes more so) as the performances. With HSnM, we laughed every night throughout the entire process.  Not only a delightful and entertaining piece of theatre, but a wonderful community builder as well! Say 'yes' to this show and be prepared for a wonderful journey! We had many audience members with no experience with the Disney shows at all who LOVED it.  This show stands quite well on its own!" - Dino Hayz, Center for Living Arts (Rock Island, IL)

"Our production was a great success.  Despite the fact that we had very little practice time on the stage, the students did a wonderful job.  We also had a tremendous audience . . . standing room only!  That was a first for Lajes Elementary/High School . . . " - Doug Rehak, Lajes Elementary/High School (Terceira, Azores)

"We had a fabulous time performing your play. The students, parents, and audience really enjoyed themselves."
- Cheryl Brand, Hinsdale Central High School (Hinsdale, IL)

"I remember being at auditions and hitting the floor because I was laughing so hard... So even people who haven't seen the musical, like me, are in for a treat. It's probably the most slap-happy, jaw-dropping, hit-the-floor funny play they'll see in a long time." - Julian, cast member quoted on MassLive.com

"We loved High School (non) Musical... It was so much fun to put on stage!" - Amy Schwarz, drama director, Western Hills High School (Frankfort, KY)


Join Toy Boatin, Gaberella, Shitzu, Cryin and the rest of your favorites as the Roswell High bowling team goes for a state championship, students pursue their dreams of performing in the Winter Muse Cycle and surgical decathletes compete in real live surgery.

Toy Boatin is Roswell High's bowling star, but he's longing for more. When surgical prodigy Gaberella transfers in, she's immediately drafted onto the surgical decathlon team. But she too wants more. Will Toy and Gaberella unseat Shitzu and Cryin as the leads in the upcoming Winter Muse Cycle? Even Dad Mom, Toy's best bowling bud, and Failure, head surgical decathlete, have to respect Toy and Gaberella's attempt to follow their dreams. But when they discover that Gaberella's singing voice is so bad that it could mass casualties, what will win out--following your dreams, or preserving life as we know it?


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Randall G. Lynch (Farmington, AR), May 2017
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Harry's Hotter at Twilight (one-act version)
The Valley School of Southern Oregon (Medford, OR), June 2017
Dear Chuck (one-act version)
Marana Unified School District #006 (Marana, AZ), June 2017
Dear Chuck (one-act version)
Buckingham High School (Buckingham, VA), October 2017
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Philip Barbour High School (Philippi, WV), December 2017
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